Open Source Software

We are at the moment working adapting different Open Source Software to be deployed using Docker container. 


  • For easy deployment. 

  • To allow people to test , learn and use different open source software that can be run from a Linux server. 

  • To allow Individual and small organization to deploy them with minimal cost and time . 

  • All our container code will be public at repository to allow other individual and organization to use them like reference to create their own custum container.

Open Source Hardware

We will be in the future working on integrations of open source software with open source hardware .. that will include deployment of containers in combination with hardware.

Example :

  • Zoneminder container and the use of Open Source hardware/software (Arduino,Android, etc) for security monitoring.

  • Development of 3D printer and the use of open source hardware and software (ROS, Docker containers, FreeCAD , etc).

  • OpenHAB container and the use of Open Source hardware/software (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc)

To support our work with open source software/hardware :